Challenge:  Create a visually and mentally stimulating environment for a unique experiential event that brings together an elite group of forward-thinkers, including inventors, entrepreneurs, media, and investors.

Starch was brought in to manage, produce and execute the main conference sessions and all subsequent breakouts and activations throughout the event. This began with a takeover of the entire Estancia La Jolla Resort for one week. Our teams transformed multiple rooms throughout the hotel to provide unique services and functions, while remaining cohesive within the context of the overall NFS identity. Our services for Near Future were 360º in scope: the design, build, install, and, dismantling of all activation venues, fixtures, and decor, as well as providing lighting, sound, and media design elements. Starch also managed run-of-show to execute top-tier presentation sessions with a variety of speakers, presenters, & musical performances. We were also tasked with assisting key sponsors to identify opportunities for “pop-up” activations that would fulfill their individual needs and represent their established identities while remaining consistent within the overall event aesthetic. In addition, we documented each of the live presentations in 4K UHD video for post-event usage.

About Near Future:  Near Future brings together inventors, entrepreneurs, media, and investors with a passion for being a metamorphic force, and the tools and insights to tackle crucial challenges.  Over 3 content-rich days and 2 unforgettable nights, Near Futurists (people who want to get shit done…now) collaborate to multiply and amplify strategies to build a healthier, more equitable, joyful world. The experience is an intense brain strain defined by presentations and displays illuminating bleeding-edge solutions — punctuated by art, music, and laughter.  The outcome is unexpected relationships that create lasting partnerships to sustain positive change in a scalable way.